Congratulations Naheed Nenshi on your decisive victory!

Naheed Nenshi

Never Again Alberta is proud to endorse Naheed Nenshi for Leader! Visit his website and get involved in his campaign by clicking on the image above.

This is not an area Naheed has thought a lot about and would welcome your organization’s perspectives.

Telemedicine and online prescriptions are changing the way we do medicine. We have to be cautious of its implications and thoughtful in its use when it comes to serious issues like abortion.

However, the current UCP Government has been far too quick to interfere in the doctor, patient relationship, to be ideologically prescriptive and constrained, as we’ve recently seen in issues related to women’s health.

Naheed is committed to evidence-based decision making, and reviewing telemedicine and virtual delivery practices.

We need to consult our medical community and listen to lived experience of women to ensure we do not limit a woman’s access to a safe abortion while mindful of a patient’s privacy and well being.

Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse

Never Again Alberta is proud to endorse Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse for Leader! Visit her website and get involved in her campaign by clicking on the image above.

Thank you for reaching out on behalf of “Never Again Alberta” and for your dedication to advocating for women’s rights and the safety of medical abortions in our province. I appreciate the opportunity to address your questions and concerns. As you rightly pointed out, abortions are health care, and ensuring the safety and well-being of pregnant individuals is paramount. I want to assure you that I take all these matters seriously and I am actively seeking information and perspectives from various stakeholders, including physicians and women’s advocacy groups.

Currently I am in the process of reaching out to researchers and individuals living in remote communities to gather more insight into the complexities surrounding medical abortions, particularly concerning telemedicine and online prescription and distribution practices. My goal is to better understand the potential risks and benefits associated with different approaches to assure that every policy or decision made is informed and considerate of the diverse needs of Albertans.

I commit to keeping these considerations at the forefront of my discussion and decision making process.

I value your input and the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue on this important issue.

Kathleen Ganley

We appreciate Kathleen Ganley taking the time to respond. Visit her campaign by clicking on the image above.

I support ensuring that all Albertans have access to healthcare, wherever they may be in the province — this includes all forms of reproductive healthcare

Albertans in every size of community must have access to a doctor. 

We must ensure that women’s safety is being prioritized but we must also ensure that women in all communities, regardless of means and access to a vehicle, have access to reproductive health, including abortion, and have their privacy protected.

Fortunately, we have high quality medical professionals in Alberta who are best positioned to make this decision.

Gil McGowan

We appreciate Gil McGowan taking the time to respond. Visit his campaign by clicking on the image above.

After reviewing your group’s questions, we have decided not to provide responses at this time. This is not because Gil is opposed to your stance, but we feel we would need to do some more in depth and thoughtful research before taking a stance, which is something that we simply don’t have the time to do while running a campaign. That said, Gil is a strong defender of pregnant folks’ right to choose, as well as a proponent of extensive, accessible, and well-funded public medical care. He strongly opposes privatization of medical care of any kind and would work to ensure that all Albertans have safe access to quality government-provided care for any condition they need help with.

Sarah Hoffman

Though we appreciate Sarah Hoffman taking the time to respond, unfortunately we can not endorse her candidacy.

I’ve had an opportunity to review, investigate and discuss your email with medical professionals.

There is sufficient evidence, both quantity and quality, to have telemedicine as a medical abortion option. Telemedicine is a proven safe option offered throughout North America, Africa, and Europe. The World Health Organization (WHO), Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC), and National Abortion Federation (NAF) also support this model.

In Alberta, clinics offering this are run by specialists and trained medical professionals in women’s health. Patients are thoroughly screened. Unless indicated, the current standard is not to perform an ultrasound before prescribing the medication. Not all patients requesting a medical abortion are prescribed the medication. Extremely remote patients are not prescribed the medication. Convenience is never prioritized over safety. Women’s health and their lives are the priority.

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