The promise of legal abortion was that it would ensure SAFE abortions for those who needed them.

Legal abortion meant that Never Again would women need to risk their lives to have an abortion.

The prescription and distribution of medical abortion pills through online platforms (telemedicine) and unsupervised self-terminations done at home, have broken this sacred promise.

With telemedicine, unsafe abortions have moved from the back-alley to the bathroom.

Let's keep the promise of legal abortion as SAFE abortion.

We are not opposed to medical abortions, but we are deeply wary of the virtual (online or over the phone) prescription and distribution of medication abortions. 

The unsupervised use of abortion pills (aka: self-medicated, Do-It-Yourself, at-home abortions) evokes the dangerous and desperate conditions once associated with the back-alley abortion.

Self-managed abortions, like back-alley ones, are usually done in secret, are high-risk, and are done without appropriate medical oversight. Usually alone in a bathroom. This is not the way healthcare should be.

As Etienne-Emile Baulieu, the inventor of the abortion pill said, “To demedicalize abortion by removing doctors from the process – it’s insane!

Women’s safety and well-being should come first. No one should have to resort to unsafe or clandestine methods to access abortion care.

Never Again!

Medical abortions (sometimes referred to as “chemical abortions” by the anti-abortion crowd) should not be done without the supervision of a trained medical professional.

Pregnant individuals in areas lacking medical resources (think rural Canadians) face increased risks if complications arise from an at-home termination. Rural folks who live far away from a major city are often too far away from an ER to seek medical help when medical complications arise.

But the UCP certainly doesn’t seem to care. They seem to like the idea of private medicine, and people acting as their own doctor – alone in a bathroom. 

But safe Access to Abortion would prioritize women’s lives over convenience, through the common-sense regulation of how medical abortion pills are prescribed and administered.

The days of the back-alley abortion are over! Women should not have to risk their lives to have an abortion.

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Medical abortions can only be safely administered in the early stages of pregnancy. But if a pregnant person inaccurately gauges how far along they are based on their last menstrual cycle the potential for complications, including complications that can lead to death, is increased (see here and here). 

Even when properly administered, medical abortions have a higher complication rate than abortions performed surgically (see here). This is why medical abortions should only be administered in the presence of medical personnel at in-clinic settings.

“Medical abortions should only be administered in the presence of medical personnel.

Prescribing medical abortions by telemedicine poses significant risks for the pregnant person. In-person consultations are necessary to ensure proper medical evaluation and to address potential complications (for example, performing an ultrasound to rule out ectopic pregnancy and to accurately determine how far along you are).

Women should not have to risk their lives in order to have an abortion.

Let’s maintain the trust placed in us and keep the promise of legal abortion as safe abortion. Never Again!

  • With the rise of DIY at-home terminations, the dangers of unsafe abortions have shifted from back-alleys to bathrooms.
  • Pregnant individuals in areas lacking medical resources face increased risks if complications arise from at-home terminations.
  • Remote consultations limit the healthcare provider’s ability to accurately assess the woman’s situation and ensure her safety and well-being.
  • The use of telemedicine for abortion services includes the potential for exploitation and abuse, especially in cases where the woman may be under the control or influence of an abuser.
  • Non-surgical abortions should only be conducted by trained professionals in healthcare facilities.
  • Safe Access to Abortion prioritizes women’s lives over convenience and creates a more equitable, inclusive, and compassionate society.

D-I-Y Abortions: Not Worth the Risk

Broken Promise of Safe Abortions:

Legal abortion was intended to ensure safe procedures for those who need them, but the current practice of at-home medical abortions, facilitated by online platforms, has shifted unsafe procedures from back-alleys to private bathrooms.

High-Risk Nature of At-Home Abortions:

At-home abortions, like back-alley procedures, are often conducted in secrecy and without adequate medical oversight, posing significant risks to the health and safety of pregnant individuals.

Need for Medical Supervision:

Medical abortions should only be conducted under the supervision of trained medical professionals to ensure safety and proper care. This would involve in-person consultations to accurately assess the stage of pregnancy and address potential complications.

Risks in Rural Areas:

The lack of access to medical resources in rural areas exacerbates the risks associated with at-home abortions, as pregnant individuals may be far from emergency medical care if complications arise.

What can be done?:

A renewed commitment to safe access to abortion care, prioritizing the lives and well-being of pregnant individuals over convenience or ideological agendas. Medical abortions should be administered with proper medical management, monitoring, and guidance.

Never again! The risks associated with current trends in telemedicine-based distribution of medical abortion pills aren’t worth it! Together, let’s ensure safe access to abortion through responsible medical practices.

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